A quick, small step to self-improvement

Hello, loves!

Well, that turned out being a MUCH longer break than I meant to, and I apologize. I should know better than to make promises on content during seasonal-affective season. On top of that, David and I have been passing what can best be described as a minor plague back and forth for the last month, so… things have been challenging.

I can, at least, recommend a couple of things I’ve started doing that help. You don’t have to even get out of the bed to hit a few yoga poses such as child, happy baby, cobra, or even downward facing dog. Hitting two or three of these, then a basic stretch or two, and then mountain or warrior pose once you do hoist yourself out of bed, get the blood going at least enough that you can make it. Even if mornings are as horrible to you as they are to me.

The second practice I’ve taken up is just trying out a smile the moment you notice you’re awake. Granted, it’s definitely more of a growl or grimace at this point, but my hope is that repetition will start to make a happy expression a little more genuine.

Yes, good people, I freely admit that I’m about as far opposite from a morning person as one can get. My partner is generally the exact opposite. And yet, even though I’ve felt like utter crap for multiple months at this point, we take care of each other about as well as ever.

Also, corny as it may sound… It really does always get better. The endless barrage of cold symptoms has passed. The sun is rising sooner and setting later. Spring always comes again if you stick around long enough.

It’s time to get back up. Keep moving forward, and upward.

A silly musical inspiration, and an update

As I was driving home yesterday, tapping my foot to the radio as one does, a song came on the radio that I’ve heard a zillion times without putting a moment’s thought into.

It’s a bit corny in sound, but I have a confession, folks. I LOOOOOVE cheesy, corny, so-called “guilty pleasure” music. I won’t even call it a guilty pleasure, because it gives me no shame. I revel in it.

Anyway, this was a poppy little 80’s ditty, with the corniest of videos. It got poorly covered in the early 2000’s, and that was sort of the end of things for a while. It’s relegated to the classic rock station. The tune is catchy, I mean right up there with “Footloose” levels of catchy, and it held up a better than most 80’s pop. But you just don’t think about it much.

The truth is, though, this is an absolutely great and inspiring song. It’s a song about self-respect. It’s about stopping the merry-go-round of going right back to an emotionally unavailable lover who just won’t ever give you the care you deserve. It’s about showing all the jokers who don’t deserve you where the door is, so you can hold out for the strong, true, and respectful love that you actually deserve.

The song is, of course, “Faith” by George Michael of Wham!

Before this river becomes an ocean
Before you throw my heart back on the floor
Oh, baby, I reconsider my foolish notion
Well, I need someone to hold me but I’ll wait for somethin’ more

So here’s a fun little reminder to let go and tell whatever player you’ve been hung up on – who might send you a 1 am text, or even string you along for a few dates now and then – that they can play someplace else. You’re not their stand-in during cuffing season. The right partner will never leave you guessing or wondering why they didn’t text you back. And you’ll never have to be the one chasing. You gotta respect yourself enough to…

(yeah, I’m going there.)

have faith! (a-faith-a-faith-ah!)

I told you this was gonna be a silly update.

One more thing. Since we’re well into the hectic holiday season, I need to be recharging constantly since I’m prone to burnout and fatigue. I’ll be spending more quality family time, and finishing up my selection and creation of small, meaningful and non-wasteful Christmas gifts.

As such, my already-relaxed posting schedule is going to be even more relaxed until January. We’ll have one more installment to the Fail Series in December, I’ll keep up on the weekend reader, and we might have a fun little list-post or two. I hope this also sets a good example for you as well, readers. Self-care is not selfish. Set good boundaries in your life this holiday season! I will keep harping on boundaries and self care on this-here relationship advice blog, because the health of your relationship to yourself will be reflected in your partnering. (Spoiler: That’s the topic of this weekend’s reading selections.)

I’ll see you soon, loves! Have a great rest of the week!